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Register Address

Do you want to know a company's address? We provide detailed information about the locations where the company operates.

Contact Data

Using our extensive phone number, fax number, and email address database, you can contact any of the companies analyzed on UKBizDB.

Financial Data

Both current and historical financial data are available, allowing you to examine not only the current state of the company, but also how it has evolved over time and identify trends.


The complete trademark database of UK companies, easily accessible and available. If you're looking for trademark information, this is the place to be.

Company Directors

Have you ever wanted to know more about the people that control their respective companies? Get all the insider information on directors by clicking here.

Nearby Companies

If you're reading about a company and want to know if there are any other businesses nearby. We show nearby businesses based on zip code and distance.

Easy Way to Check Company Director has information on company directors, owners, and shareholders in the UK. You can look up directors by name or address for free. From there you can find their status, if they are connected to any other companies, and more.

13 Million Companies
25 Million Directors
40 Million Addresses
400 Million Documents

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